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Administrative Jobs

· Vice Dean, Dept. of Math., IUT (1982-1683)

· Dean, Department of Mathematics (IUT), (1983-1985).

· Vice Dean, Collage of Sciences (IUT), (1983-1985).

· Chairman, School of Mathematics (IUT), (1985-187).

· Director of Central library, (IUT), (1987-1990).

· Member of the committee for Sabbatical leave (IUT), (1984-1990).

· Member of the Committee for Computer Center (IUT), (1982-1983).

· Member of Yazd University plan Committee, (1989-19...).

· Member of Scientific and Committee for the first Maintainability Conference 1994.

· Member of Scientific Organizing Committee for the first Iranian Statistics Conference (1992).

· Member of Scientific Committee for the first IMEC (1996).

· Chairman, School of Mathematical Sciences (IUT) (1992-1998)

· Executive Member of the Iranian Statistical Society (1995-2000).

· Chairman, Center For information Services, (IUT) (1999-2003)

· Member of Productivity planning, committee (IUT) (1999-2003)

· Chairman of the 5th Iranian Statistics Conference (2000)

· Member of the promotion committee of Isfahan University of Technology (2006-2008)

· Member of the research council of Isfahan University of Technology (2007-2009)


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